Hello to all LockCon attendees, old and new!

After a bit of a quiet period, TOOOL-US is pleased to announce that things are looking great for LockCon in Seattle, Washington this year!

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[= WHEN =]

LockCon 2015 will be Friday November 6th - Sunday November 8th, with talks starting early and ending around dinner time each day. As always, the competitions and contests will be primarily during the evening hours, and socializing can happen around-the-clock! (Thus, many folk anticipate flying in to Seattle on the evening of Thursday, November 5th and most folk will fly home either late Sunday the 8th or early Monday the 9th.)

[= WHERE =]

Seattle was chosen as the US city to host, and we have finalized our plans around the...

Quality Inn & Suites Seattle Center
618 John St Seattle, WA 98109

... this establishment has been very amenable to our terms during current negotiations (allowing outside food and drink, access to the meeting space at all hours, etc) and we should have a finalized contract with them this coming week. At that time we'll have a room block code and more details. It is expected that rooms will be close to $100/night, which can't match hostel pricing in the Netherlands but is a steal for the downtown area of a major US city.

[= WHO =]

As always, the LockCon event is "invite only" in the sense that you should be a known party and have some ties to the LockSport community if you wish to attend. Historically, this has never kept a dedicated enthusiast from attending. If you know us, have spoken to us, or simply said hi and shook our hands a Lockpick Village or other educational event, there's a good chance you'll be welcome at LockCon. Because this event is so often hosted in Europe, we hope to see many more North American faces who have historically been unable to make the trip across the Atlantic.

If you wish to attend, simply email --> lockcon@toool.us <-- and request an invite. As long as you're not a career criminal or looking to hawk a lot of newfangled and over-expensive tech to the attendees, chances are you could be put on the list.

[= GEAR =]

If you have questions about getting your equipment to the USA, through the city, or anything similar, please feel free to discuss it on the list here. All concerns will be allayed and proper transport plans will be handled. Getting from SEA airport to the Quality Inn should not prove difficult for anyone. A 25 minute car ride (Uber is plentiful in the city) or a 1-hour transit ride will get you there rather easily.

If you wish to SELL gear at LockCon, we'd love to have you! There hasn't historically been a formal process for vendors at LockCon in the US, but all we ask is...

1. you email lockcon@toool.us so that we know you're coming and can plan space

2. you offer quality items at non-insane prices. any one of us can order gear over the internet. If you're selling to the community at LockCon we only ask that you make it worthwhile... offer competitive pricing and unique, desirable gear and our attendees will value your presence!

[= TALKS =]

LockCon wouldn't be what is without speakers! If you are interested in presenting, we'd love to hear from you! Please send a plain-text email to --> lockconcfp@toool.us <-- with the following information...

1. Your Name

2. Talk Title

3. Talk Abstract

4a. Has anything like this been seen at LockCon or other security conferences before?

4b. Explain what new work you've done and how your talk is unique and of value

5. Have you presented at a previous LockCon or other security conference where we may know you?

6. Is there a live demo or interactive content? (And would you like to offer a workshop in the break-out room in addition to your talk?)

7. Do you have to talk before or after a certain date or time for travel reasons?

8. Is there any reason that your talk cannot fit within a standard 1-hour session? (Some longer time sessions could be made available in special cases)

... as with most security events, please do not submit talks that are really just veiled sales pitches for a product, company, or service. Speakers whose talks are considered to be commercial or to be of greater value to themselves than to the attendees will forfeit their benefits including speaker badge and any complimentary room nights that TOOOL would have covered for you.

Our panel of reviewers are eager to see your submissions, so get on it!

NOTE: Follow the instructions above. Nothing is more annoying than opening a submission and not finding all the information we need. The more you can help us see how cool/unique/timely/etc. your talk is, the better chance it has of being accepted. One last tip… Please spell and capitalize TOOOL’s name correctly. It is spelled The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers and is abbreviated in all caps as TOOOL. Your submission stands out for the wrong reasons if the wrong syntax or orthography is used. Please simply submit your information in plain text directly in the body of your email, attachments are neither necessary nor desired.



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About LockCon and TOOOL

The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers (TOOOL) is a non-profit association of professionals, hobbyists, researchers, and academics who share knowledge about lockpicking. By examining locks, safes, and other such hardware and by discussing our findings we seek to increase public awareness and understanding of how these mechanisms work and how they can be improved.

By overseeing chapters that regularly meet around the country and around the world, TOOOL facilitates information sharing across many circles and sponsors competitions wherein enthusiasts can practice the art of lockpicking in a fun yet challenging atmosphere.

LockCon is the pinnacle of these efforts, consisting of three days of in-depth lectures by industry experts interspersed with hands-on workshops and, of course, competitions. The best sportpickers in the world – trading locksmiths and amateurs alike – go head-to-head as they see who is the fastest at lockpicking, key impressioning, and safe-cracking.