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The Official TOOOL Slides

Anytime TOOOL gives a presentation about lockpicking, we use one of the following PowerPoint slide decks...


These slides are our full "Lockpick Village" presentation which conveys an overview of many styles of locks and techniques. They are used at larger security conventions and professional events.

These slides are our brief introduction talk which conveys the basics about how pin tumbler locks work and how lockpicking is possible. They are shown at Maker Faires and other family-oriented community events.


Resources for Learning More

There are a number of terrific web sites and online forums where you can learn a great deal about physical security, sport picking, and non-destructive entry techniques. In addition to the web sites of other affiliated groups in this field -- like TOOOL.nl, Sportsfreunde der Sperrtechnik, the Fraternal Order of Locksport, and Locksport International -- there are a number of useful publications like Marc Tobias' Locks, Safes, and Security as well as Douglas Chick's Steel Bolt Hacking.

Online publications like Non-Destructive Entry Magazine and the blogs of Bary Wels and Matt Blaze contain terrific content. Other great wikis and guides can be found by Googling. Speaking of Google, there are also loads of short clips as well as long segments to be found on YouTube.

All of the diagrams and animations seen in our slide decks and other educational materials are freely available to the public. Deviant Ollam has released them under Creative Commons licensing. These images and their associated framework files are all available here. Lecture notes, animated diagrams, short clips, and even whole recordings of talks from TOOOL events can also be found on Deviant's web site.