LockFest in the USA in Seattle at the end of May 2021 is not in the cards right now.


While TOOOL is heartened by the progress made regionally and Seattle locals are appreciative of the progress our region has made with respect to flattening the curve, there are no guarantees that other parts of the USA will be similarly on a positive trajectory in the coming few weeks. It might be suitable for Seattle locals to mill about by the end of May, but it is unlikely that it would be responsible for us to encourage many others across this country to travel between states, gather in a hotel, etc.

Furthermore, we've been in touch with our usual hotel and have been told that (a) a full refund for the meeting rooms and guest rooms because of the "force majeure" clause comes into play and also (b) the future of this hotel is uncertain even after the quarantine orders are lifted (they are taking this as an opportunity to do major renovations and it's not clear how long those will run, etc)

We're talking about this in the #LockFest channel on the TOOOL Slack (ping any of the Board or leadership staff if you need an invite) and will share more as things develop.

Stay safe and stay healthy, everybody!