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Having the right tools and hardware is an essential part of learning to master lockpicking and understand the ins and outs of physical security hardware. TOOOL is not a retail organization, and while we are happy to recommend certain products, we will typically point you in the direction of specialized vendors for most of your lockpicking needs. However, we do produce and sell a small number of specialized items that do not tend to be available elsewhere.

We must remind all our supporters and the other dedicated lockpickers who come here to obtain equipment that TOOOL is a volunteer-based organisation and we are not an established retail operation with loads of employees. While you can always rest assured that your purchase here will go 100% toward the sportpicking community, please understand that orders are packed and shipped only once a week or so. When TOOOL volunteer staff are tied up with appearances at conferences, science fairs, and other similar events, this can also lead to delays in order shipping. We will always do our best to get things out as soon as possible, but we can't be as fast as Amazon or other high-volume sales operations. We thank you for your understanding and your support.

Impressioning Kit - $50 - SPECIAL PRICE

Select Color

We're extending this special pricing of $100 because so many people have enthusiastically been ordering these kits! For a limited time we'll keep honoring this holiday price, at least through ShmooCon and the upcoming Spring season if the popularity of impressioning continues!

Here it is... the whole ball 'o wax. If you want to get started with impressioning, this is absolutely everything you could need all in a single package. One of our most covert files (seen in the section above, as well) in half-round shape with a removable handle will give you the ability to prep your keys and cut down bitting positions. A wide range of blanks are included for seven different keyways. Vice grips are a great way to hold your key as you work, and the 45x mini-magnifier with LED lighting can reveal all of the tiny details that you'll have to spot as you inch your way to success. All items are packed in a beautiful and rugged zipper case available in a selection of colors.


Tremendous Twelve Toolkit - $30

Select Pick Case

In 2013 we totally redesigned our basic lockpick set. While in the past we once offered tools in various thicknesses and metal stocks (which are all still available in the "individual picks" section below while supplies last) we now have chosen to focus our efforts on refining and perfecting equipment from a single supplier who is working with TOOOL in order to deliver picks to our particular specifications. This set of twelve tools contains six picks and six turning tools... none of which have ever been available before in this exact form.

The lockpicks consist of two hooks (a medium depth hook and a deep reach curve) two diamonds (a standard medium-sized half-diamond and an offset Deforest diamond) and two raking tools (a hollow half-diamond a.k.a. P-Nuckle and a Bogota-style wave rake). All of these tools have been tweaked and adjusted from the manufacturer's original design, according to TOOOL researcher recommendations. The deep curve and Bogota-style rake in particular have had their dimensions significantly improved and all of the pick tools have gone through a mass-finishing process to help polish and shape the surface in ways that few other manufacturers will attempt. (The wave rake in particular has been subjected to substantial mass finishing.)

The turning tools are all-new and were fabricated in a custom bending jig that our manufacturer sourced and implemented under our guidance. There are three long-headed turning tools (most suited to edge-of-the-plug placement) and three small-headed tools (geared toward center-of-the-plug placement) all in differing thicknesses so you're almost guaranteed to find one that will bit and fit snugly into any keyway you encounter.

This set is a terrific step forward for the sportpicking community and we are proud to still be able to offer it at the same price as the Beginner's Blend that came before. As we continue to revise our processes and metals the price may shift, but for now please enjoy these tools and the venerable case options at the same price you've come to expect. And, as always, all the picks and turning tools are made in the United States.


Limited Edition Pick Set - Two for $25

This is our the limited edition double-ended pick and accessory kit originally created for the 20th anniversary of DEFCON. Manufactured from the same high-strength, electro-polished steel as our Emergency Pick Cards (see below), these kits feature a single pick with two useful tips surrounded by an array of other decent tools. These tools were only produced once and when they're gone, they're gone forever. We are offering a special deal wherein you can acquire a pair of these kits, because many people wish to preserve one and keep it unbroken as a part of history.


This limited edition pick was made in the United States.

Emergency Pick Card - $30


Designed and produced by The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers, this ISO-compliant wallet-sized card can be kept easily on your person without hassle or fuss, but should the need arise for picks in a pinch, simply snap the card apart and you have a nine-piece toolkit at your disposal!

It should be noted that a number of other "credit card" pick sets pop up from time to time, but these others tend to either be interesting novelty items or overpriced and under-equipped. This TOOOL card is a genuine and fully functional lockpick set made of commercial-grade steel, not stamped aluminum or plastic.

Our emergency pick card is made completely in the United States.


Fabulous Five Pick Kit - $50

Select Configuration

This is another item designed and produced exclusively by The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers. Meant to be a more advanced compliment to basic pick kits, the Fabulous Five set is a quintet of double-sided tools that are geared around offering more experienced pickers a suite of tools that they wouldn't normally encounter in other sets. Offset rakes, a rimple hump, a P-knuckle, a Sabana, and a whole assortment of interesting hooks will give you some very interesting tactics at your disposal.

Our Fabulous Five pick kit is made completely in the United States.


Flat Five Turning Tool Set - $30

Often popularly combined with our Fabulous Five pick kit (see package pricing above) these five turning tools are popular for use in more complicated keyways... however their wide range of sizes and thicknesses make them suited to all manner of locks, both basic and complex. The ends featuring smaller heads are grooved with teeth to provide the bite necessary for center-of-the-plug work.


Pry-Bar - $10

Select Pry Bar Thickness

Perhaps the finest turning tool made by the folks at Peterson, we've truly never encountered any other item that can grab in the keyway and make as substantial a purchase as this one. Due to its shape, integrated teeth, and availability in specific thicknesses, there's hardly any keyway where you will fail to find a tight fit with this bad boy.


Progressive Picking - Training Locks

Basic - $80

Advanced - $55

Combined Package - $120
Select Your Locks

Some people place a lot of stock in learning lockpicking visually... you see sites selling "cutaway" or "see through" locks for training purposes. While we think that cutaway locks have a purpose (and some of the well-made ones are really beautiful works, indeed) these are more suited to learning how locks function than to learning how to pick them open, in our view.

Learning to pick is a skill achieved by feel more than by sight. One of the best ways to learn lockpicking, in our view, is to practice with cylinders of increasing difficulty. Our progressive kits are made using "copies" of the same lock... most of which have had pin stacks removed. So you start out by getting a feel for the lock with just one pin stack, then you try two pins, then three, etc... by the time you've reached five and six pins, you're picking like a pro!

These progressive kits are available in a basic configuration (a simple one through six bitting) and an advanced configuration (which incorporates pick-resistant spooled driver pins) and are now being produced by Kaba Ilco.

Few outlets sell progressive training kits. The most popular site we've seen offers a mere five lock kit for $100.



Tubular Pick - $85

For attacking tubular locks, sometimes referred to as "Chicago" locks or "ACE" locks, this tool allows for adjustable stiffness on the feeler arms. This tool is capable of being used in both 7-pin and 8-pin tubular locks, and is manufactured with all-metal construction.


Tubular Lock - $10

In the past, we have had difficulty finding tubular locks that are good for practice picking. Most tubular locks fall into one of two camps: very tough or totally awful. The former is not a good choice for practice picking, particularly for first-timers. Spooled driver pins, mushroomed key pins, and varying strength springs all make for a rather difficult experience. The latter, however, are equally frustrating... locks that are so badly-made as to fall immediately open upon the first application of a tubular pick might be a neat party trick, but they do little to actually teach someone about technique. These tubular locks are ones that TOOOL HQ found after a long process of research and they present a real but surmountable challenge. You should be able to get them open within 5 minutes or so, given an adequate pick tool. Just adjust your firmness and use a good technique and it should all work well for you!


Plug Spinner - $60

Manufactured by the Peterson company, a supplier of some of the most intricate and specialized tools in the lockpicking world, this plug spinner tends to not only be one of the most reliable we've ever encountered, but it's also absolutely the "flattest" in overall design, making it much nicer for inclusion in your pick case or tool kit.


U-Bend-It Tool - $15

While we offer seemingly no end of interesting and varied turning tools above, some people like to customize their own. That's where the Peterson U-Bend-It comes in... specially designed out of especially thick, ultra hardened steel, this tool will make quick work of bending even the most robust metal stock into any shape at all that you might wish. Customize your own turners right on-the-spot when you encounter a particularly problematic or strangely-mounted lock!


Individual Tools - $3 & $4


If you fall madly in love with one or more of the tools featured in our most popular pick kit, the Beginner's Blend, and simply have to have an extra in your case, there's no need to purchase an entire additional kit (although we won't stop you!) All of these picks and turning tools can be ordered individually. As mentioned above, all these tools are made in the United States.


Swiss Impressioning Files - $25 & up

Select a File

Used for the intricate yet highly effective practice of impressioning, these files are some of the best you can find for intricate work. Find me ten locksmiths, and I'll show you at least nine who would swear by Grobet Swiss files for this task. Select your desired style of file and handle above.



TOOOL Shirts - $20 & $25

Select a Shirt

Light Gray

Dark Gray

Some folk might insist that this is not a piece of lockpicking equipment, per se... but who can argue with the air of respect and admiration you'll command as you shout "Open!" while sporting a TOOOL shirt. Show your support for the hobby of lockpicking and the field of locksport in style. Available in light gray (not a heather gray... just a solid, light shade called "light slate"), dark gray (a shade known as "asphalt"), and black (TOOOL members only). Our shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton American Apparel shirts made in the United States.