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Our fulfillment specialist will be laid out for a couple weeks for medical reasons. We expect shipments to continue but at a slower pace. Please bear with us while they heal.

Having the right tools and hardware is an essential part of learning to master lockpicking and understand the ins and outs of physical security hardware. TOOOL is not a retail organization, and while we are happy to recommend certain products, we will typically point you in the direction of specialized vendors for most of your lockpicking needs. However, we do produce and sell a small number of specialized items that do not tend to be available elsewhere.

Just a reminder: TOOOL is a volunteer-based organisation, not an established retail operation with loads of employees. While you can always rest assured that your purchase here will go 100% toward the sportpicking community, please understand that orders are packed and shipped only once a week or so. When TOOOL volunteers are tied up with appearances at conferences, science fairs, and other similar events, this can lead to delays in order shipping. We will always do our best to get things out as soon as possible, but we can't be as fast as typical high-sales operations. We thank you for your understanding and your support.

The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers, or TOOOL, is an international group of lockpicking enthusiasts dedicated to advancing the general public knowledge about locks and lockpicking through teaching, research, and competition. TOOOL in the United States is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with Chapters in more than 20 states, including affiliated Chapters in Canada.


Leather zipper case - $30

After much searching and working with our suppliers we have finally found a source for leather pick cases. These cases are modeled on the classic (and very hard to find) HPC zipper cases and include the fold out panels to increase their storage capacity while keeping the closed case very compact. Made out of brown leather these cases will provide a sturdy and convenient way to store and transport your picks while adding a touch of classic style.

This is made in the United States.

Perfect Practice Stand - $60

TOOOL has been incorporating practice stands for some time into our Villages and workshops... but this latest generation design makes us particularly happy. Suited to KIK, rim, mortise, and just about any other variant of cylinder you're likely to find... this stand will hold all of them perfectly and can even accommodate cam locks, tubular locks, and other less-common styles of lock that you may have in your collection.

Well-suited to picking practice but also tough enough for impressioning work... this stand makes a great addition to any practice lock set and is at home on any workbench.

This stand is made in the United States.


Necessary Nine Pickset - $30

Our 2020 basic pick set is designed specifically for beginners. The picks are made of .025" thick 301 full hard stainless steel for durability. The pick profiles include a spoon curve, short hook, and medium hook for single pin picking, a half diamond for hybrid picking, and large and small cycloid wave rakes for raking.

The double ended turning tools feature the same blades as the previous single ended turners: 3 bottom of keyway and 3 top of keyway blades in .030", .040", and .050" thicknesses, for a good fit in a wide range of keyways. The 6 single ended turners are available separately.

This set is a terrific step forward for the sport picking community and we are proud to offer it at an extremely affordable price. And, as always, all the picks and turning tools are made in the United States.

The Wicked Waves - $30

Our new wave rakes represent years of research and development, including evaluation of the Raimundo Bogota and various commercial wave rakes, mathematical modeling, finite element analysis, and multiple rounds of prototyping. We believe they are the most effective rakes available at any price. They are made of the finest acid etched and finished 301 high yield stainless steel, for smooth operation and maximum durability. The waves span a full inch to eliminate the need for precise insertion depth and enable simultaneous interaction with 7 pin stacks. The wave rakes are uniformly tapered from shaft to tip to maximize strength and eliminate stress concentrations that cause lesser picks to snap. The long plow tip lifts pin 1 instead of slamming into it. With good technique, instant opens are often possible.

Cycloid curves model the waves, as they can be precisely defined and drawn using parametric equations in CAD programs, and have characteristics that result in good wave rakes. Cycloids are the curves created by the Spirograph drawing toy, and also represent the curve of fastest descent under constant gravity. Many cycloid wave shapes were tested to determine the optimal parameters. Most commercial wave rakes have sharp peaks and steep slopes that impede smooth raking and damage pins. Our curtate cycloid wave rakes with a sine/cosine ratio of .25 provide grabby action ideal for easy locks. Our sinusoid wave rakes with a sine/cosine ratio of 0 provide gentle action ideal for hard locks. Both of these wave shapes come in a quad version for large locks and a quint version for small locks. You will be amazed by their performance.

Quad: 1/4" waves for large locks
Quint: 1/5" waves for small locks
grabby action
for easy locks

Cycloid Quad

Cycloid Quint
gentle action
for hard locks

Sinusoid Quad

Sinusoid Quint


This research and development was made possible by your contributions to TOOOL.  These picks are made in the United States.


Emergency Pick Card - $30

version 3

Designed and produced by The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers, this ISO-compliant wallet-sized card can be kept easily on your person without hassle or fuss, but should the need arise for picks in a pinch, simply snap the card apart and you have a nine-piece toolkit at your disposal!

It should be noted that a number of other "credit card" pick sets pop up from time to time, but these others tend to either be interesting novelty items or overpriced and under-equipped. This TOOOL card is a genuine and fully functional lockpick set made of commercial-grade steel, not stamped aluminum or plastic.

Our emergency pick cards are made completely in the United States.


Tremendous Turners - $10

These are the six turning tools included as part of our Tremendous Twelve kit seen above. Each one is distinct and offers unique fit and thickness in order to accommodate a wide range of locks. Three tools are of a "standard" style with longer heads suited to edge-of-the-plug usage. The other three have smaller heads for center-of-the-plug positioning. In both categories, the turners are offered in thin, medium, and robust thicknesses. This is hands-down the most comprehensive set of turning tools of which we are aware from any vendor. See this very complimentary review!

Our Tremendous Turner are made completely in the United States.

Flat Five Turning Tool Set - $30

These five turning tools are popular for use in more complicated keyways... however their wide range of sizes and thicknesses make them suited to all manner of locks, both basic and complex. The ends featuring smaller heads are grooved with teeth to provide the bite necessary for center-of-the-plug work.


Progressive Picking - Training Locks

Basic - $80

Advanced - $55

Combined Package - $120
Select Your Locks

Some people place a lot of stock in learning lockpicking visually... you see sites selling "cutaway" or "see through" locks for training purposes. While we think that cutaway locks have a purpose (and some of the well-made ones are really beautiful works, indeed) these are more suited to learning how locks function than to learning how to pick them open.

Learning to pick is a skill achieved by feel more than by sight. One of the best ways to learn lockpicking is to practice with cylinders of increasing difficulty. Our progressive kits are made using "copies" of the same lock... most of which have had pin stacks removed. So you start out by getting a feel for the lock with just one pin stack, then you try two pins, then three, etc... by the time you've reached five and six pins, you're picking like a pro!

These progressive kits are available in a basic configuration (a simple one through six bitting) and an advanced configuration (which incorporates pick-resistant spooled driver pins) and are now being produced by Kaba Ilco.

Few outlets sell progressive training kits. The most popular site we've seen offers a mere five lock kit for $100.


Clear See-Through Lock - $40



These acrylic demonstration locks are designed to allow the inner workings to be seen while the locks are in operation. While clear locks are not designed for live practice, they are exceptional teaching tools if you want to see how locks function or demonstrate these principles to others. This one is exceptionally resilient and will allow visibility in to the pin tumbler operation without extra mechanical pieces.


Clear See-Through Locks - $20 & $40

dimple lock

These clear-plastic locks are designed to allow the inner workings to be seen while the locks are in operation. While clear locks are not designed for live practice, they are exceptional teaching tools if you want to see how locks function or demonstrate these principles to others. These locks are available in both conventional padlock style as well as a remarkable ten-pin dimple style.


Tubular Pick - $85

For attacking tubular locks, sometimes referred to as "Chicago" locks or "ACE" locks, this tool allows for adjustable stiffness on the feeler arms. This tool is capable of being used in both 7-pin and 8-pin tubular locks, and is manufactured with all-metal construction.


Tubular Lock - $10

In the past, we have had difficulty finding tubular locks that are good for practice picking. Most tubular locks fall into one of two camps: very tough or totally awful. The former is not a good choice for practice picking, particularly for first-timers. Spooled driver pins, mushroomed key pins, and varying strength springs all make for a rather difficult experience. The latter, however, are equally frustrating... locks that are so badly-made as to fall immediately open upon the first application of a tubular pick might be a neat party trick, but they do little to actually teach someone about technique. These tubular locks are ones that TOOOL HQ found after a long process of research and they present a real but surmountable challenge. You should be able to get them open within 5 minutes or so, given an adequate pick tool. Just adjust your firmness and use a good technique and it should all work well for you!



Plug Spinner - $60

It can be very frustrating to pick a lock, only to realize you've managed to turn it in the wrong direction than what was necessary. Plug spinners are used to flip the plug past top-dead-center and to the unlock position from the locked position.


Swiss Impressioning Files - $25 & up

Select a File

Used for the intricate yet highly effective practice of impressioning, these files are some of the best you can find for intricate work. Find me ten locksmiths, and I'll show you at least nine who would swear by Grobet Swiss files for this task. Select your desired style of file and handle above.


TOOOL Shirts - $20 and up



Some folk might insist that this is not a piece of lockpicking equipment, per se... but who can argue with the air of respect and admiration you'll command as you shout "Open!" while sporting a TOOOL shirt? Show your support for the hobby of lockpicking and the locksport community in style. Our shirts are 100% pre-shrunk triblend fabric made in the United States.